Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Alternate Names

  • Aristolochia Clematis
  • Astragalus membranaceus
  • Banxia Houpo Tang
  • Biminne
  • Bing Gan Tang
  • Bupleurum, Minor
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Chinese Patent Remedies
  • Coptis Formula
  • Daio-Kanzo-To
  • Fuzheng Jiedu Tang
  • Hange Koboku-To
  • Herbs, Chinese
  • Hochu-Ekki-To
  • Jianpi Wenshen Recipe
  • Kampo
  • Magnolia and Pinelliae Formula
  • Minor Bupleurum
  • Saiboku-To
  • Saiko-Keishi-To
  • Shakuyaku-Kanzo-To
  • Shenshao
  • Shosaiko-To
  • Sho-Seiryu-To
  • Shuang Huang Lian
  • Toki-Shakuyaku-San
  • Tripterygium Hypoglaucum Hutch
  • Xuezhikang
  • Yi Zhu Decoction
  • Zemaphyte


Principal Proposed Uses

  • Liver Conditions

Other Proposed Uses

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