Alcoholic Hepatitis

Related Terms

  • AlcoholicLiver Disease
  • Hepatitis, Alcoholic
  • Liver Disease, Alcoholic


Principal Proposed Natural Treatments

  • ReduceAlcohol Consumption

Other Proposed Natural Treatments

Herbs and Supplements toAvoid

The liver is a marvelously sophisticated chemical laboratory, capable ofcarrying out thousands of chemical transformations on which the body depends.The liver produces some important chemicals from scratch and modifies others toallow the body to use them better. In addition, the liver neutralizes anenormous range of toxins. Without a functioning liver, you cannot live forlong.Unfortunately, a number of influences can severely damagethe liver, of which alcohol is the most common. This powerful liver toxin harmsthe liver in three stages: alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, then cirrhosis.Although the first two stages of injury are usually reversible, cirrhosis isnot. Generally, liver cirrhosis is a result of more than 10 years of heavyalcohol abuse.Usually, alcoholic hepatitis is discovered throughblood tests that detect levels of enzymes released from the liver. The bloodlevels of these enzymes—known by acronyms such as SGOT, SGPT, ALT, AST, andGGT—rise as damage to the liver (by any cause) progresses.Ifblood tests show that you have alcoholic hepatitis (or any other form of liverdisease), it is essential that you stop drinking. There is little in the way ofspecific treatment beyond this.

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