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woman breast thumbOvulation: achieve and conceive?Are you getting impatient with trying to conceive? Here's what you need to know about ovulation and timing of conception.Having a baby: the man's roleCould your use of steroids or antibiotics make it difficult for your partner to get pregnant? You may be surprised at how your health habits affect your fertility.

Pregnancy Test

Home and clinic pregnancy testsAre home pregnancy tests accurate? What should you know before taking them? How are clinic pregnancy tests different?


Folic acid and the prevention of birth defectsWhen do you need folic acid? Where do you get it? This B vitamin may be more powerful than you realize.

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Avoiding pregnancy pitfalls after age 40Miscarriages and genetic defects are far more common in pregnant women over age 40. Here's what you can do to increase your chance of delivering a healthy baby.Genetic screeningAre you concerned about illnesses in your family that a child might inherit? This fact sheet can help you decide if you should have genetic screening before conceiving a child.Pregnancy, parenting, and HIVEither you or your partner has tested positive for HIV. Now you want to become pregnant. Is it an impossible dream?

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