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Pain is a basic bodily sensation induced by a noxious stimulus received by naked nerve endings. It is characterized by physical discomfort (as pricking, throbbing, or aching), and typically leads to evasive action.


Living With Pain

Coping with pain related to cancer and chemotherapyNot everyone with cancer or those undergoing chemotherapy experiences pain from the disease or treatment. But if you do, it can be relieved. Learn more here.

Learning More About Conditions

Soothing the pain of bursitis and tendonitisBursitis and tendonitis are two common causes of pain in active people. Learn how to tell the difference between them, relieve the pain they cause, and even avoid them altogether.

Learning More About Treatments

Rerun imageOver-the-counter drugs: follow the instructionsWhat types of over-the-counter pain killers should you take for a headache, arthritis, muscle pain, or swelling? Learn the difference between aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, and ketoprofen.Non-medication pain relief for chronic painIn addition to traditional pain relievers, nondrug methods of pain relief may help you gain control over your pain.

Learning More About Treatments (Continued)

sad womanCognitive behavioral therapy: getting through the painA common assumption is that people with chronic pain are only imagining their pain. However, part of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help acknowledge that the pain is real and develop healthy thought patterns to manage it.Hypnosis: does it work?The word hypnosis conjures up visions of mind control, past life regression, entertainment, even habit control. But, what really is hypnosis? And can it help control your pain?Magnet therapy: real therapy or wishful thinking?Considered an alternative treatment by some, magnet therapy has been successfully used by many pain sufferers and is prescribed by a growing number of medical practitioners.Acetaminophen poisoningAcetaminophen poisoning may occur as a result of one large dose or chronic overdoses. This is a potentially serious condition that requires care from your doctor. Learn more here.

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