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Systemic lupus erythematosus (or lupus) is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of joints, tendons, skin, and other connective tissues and organs. It causes the immune system to produce antibodies that attack the body's healthy cells and tissues.More


Living With Lupus

IMAGELiving with lupus: Maria's storyIn her own words: living with lupus

Managing Lupus

What you need to know about managing lupusA lupus diagnosis can leave you reeling. Initially it may be a relief to have a name for the fatigue and pain you’ve had, but what now?

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image for sex in the USALupus and intimacyThe physical symptoms of lupus—feeling extremely tired, hair loss, rashes on the face, and joint pain—may make you feel unattractive or unwilling to have sex. Can you have that intimacy you shared before? Yes—with open communication and a willingness to explore—you can.Autoimmune disease and womenThe alarm clock sounded and once again, Ann was not ready for it. Day after day, she awoke feeling tired. For months she felt fatigued, and today was no different. She could barely make it out of bed. How, at age 32, could she be so run down? Read more here about Ann's story and her diagnosis with lupus.Infertility in womenLupus is a risk factor for infertility. Read more here.PemphigusLupus is a risk factor for pemphigus. Read more here.

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