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Addiction is the compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit-forming substance (eg, heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) even when it is physically, psychologically, or socially harmful. It is characterized by tolerance and by physiological symptoms upon withdrawal.More

Types of Drugs

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Treating Drug Addiction

Getting treatment for drug addictionWith many different types of treatment available, you can join others in recovery and work to get your life back.Group therapy: can it help you?Although many people can't imagine sharing their problems with a group, group therapy is a way for individuals to work on their problems in a protected and confidential atmosphere.How to choose a therapist or counselorBefore you jump into therapy, there are important issues that you need to consider.Mental health practitioners: who’s who?If you or someone you love needs therapy, it helps to know the difference between the types of mental health professionals.The science of addictionIt is estimated that there are 16 million drug users, 13 million heavy drinkers, and 66 million smokers in the United States. Read here to find out why.

Special Topics

Steroid use: a dangerous trend among teensSurveys show that as many as 11% of high school athletes have tried anabolic steroids. Find out why these drugs are especially dangerous for teens.True or false: eating poppy seed pastries can lead to a positive drug test for heroinHave you heard rumors that eating poppy seed pastries can cause positive test results for heroin? So, are the rumors true? Find out here.

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