Image for magnesium Magnesium is an essential mineral that has a hand in many vital body functions, for example releasing energy, building protein, and stabilizing bone. It is also one of several nutrients that helps keep blood pressure within a healthy range. And since magnesium is plentiful in vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, it is easy to consume enough if you are eating healthy food.


Magnesium's functions include:
  • Activating more than 300 enzymes (Enzymes are chemicals that regulate a variety of body functions, including making body proteins and causing muscle contractions.)
  • Aiding in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate to produce energy
  • Ensuring proper nerve and muscle function and keeping heart rhythm steady
  • Helping synthesize nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and proteins, which are the building blocks of body tissue
  • Giving structure to cell membranes
  • Helping keep bones and teeth healthy

Recommended Intake

Age Group Recommended Dietary Allowance
Male Female
0-6 months Adequate intake
(AI) = 30
AI = 30
7-12 months AI = 75 AI = 75
1-3 years 80 80
4-8 years 130 130
9-13 years 240 240
14-18 years 410 360
19-30 years 400 310
31-50 years 420 320
>51 years 420 320
Pregnancy (18 years or younger) n/a 400
Pregnancy 19-30 years n/a 350
Pregnancy 31-50 years n/a 360
Lactation (18 years or younger) n/a 360
Lactation 19-30 years n/a 310
Lactation 31-50 years n/a 320

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