Restless Legs Syndrome


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People with restless legs syndrome (RLS) often feel an intense urge to move their legs, particularly when sitting still or trying to fall asleep. Unlike those with nighttime leg cramps—a different condition—people with RLS don’t experience pain. Instead, they may describe an uncomfortable "creepy-crawly sensation" inside their legs. Walking relieves the symptoms, but as soon as people settle down again, the urge to move recurs. The feeling is sometimes described as "wanting to ride a bicycle under the covers."RLS tends to run in families, often emerging or worsening with age. People with RLS frequently have another condition as well, called periodic leg movements in sleep (PLMS). People with PLMS kick their legs frequently during the night, disrupting their own sleep and that of their bed partner.Since RLS is occasionally linked to other serious diseases, it’s advisable to see a doctor if you have symptoms. Conventional medical treatment for RLS usually involves taking a levodopa-carbidopa combination, better known as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The drug quinine has been used in the past, but one double-blind study found no benefit. 1 Because of this and a risk of dangerous side effects, quinine is no longer used for this purpose.

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