Trade Names :

  • Cuprimine
  • Depen

Copper - Avoid in Cases of Wilson's Disease Vitamin B6 - Possible Need for Supplementation Zinc - Supplementation Possibly Helpful, but Take at a Different Time of Day Iron - Take at a Different Time of Day

The drug penicillamine is primarily used to treat Wilson's disease (an inherited disorder affecting copper metabolism, causing cirrhosis and brain and eye problems) and rheumatoid arthritis. 

CopperWhen used to treat Wilson's disease, penicillamine works by removing copper from the body. Taking copper supplements while you are using penicillamine for this condition is not a good idea.

Vitamin B6 Penicillamine might increase the need for vitamin B 6 . 1 Taking 25 to 50 mg of supplemental B 6 daily is often recommended. 2

Zinc Long-term use of penicillamine can cause zinc deficiency. 3 However, zinc can impair penicillamine absorption, so do not take zinc supplements during the 2 hours before or after your penicillamine dose. 4

Iron Penicillamine attaches to the mineral iron, which impairs the absorption of both substances. 5,6 The solution: If you need iron supplements, do not take them during the 2 hours before or after your penicillamine dose.


Rumsby PC and Shepherd DM. The effect of penicillamine on vitamin B 6 function in man. Biochem Pharmacol 30: 3051–3053, 1981.

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