Valproic Acid

Trade Names :

  • Depakene

Carnitine —Supplementation Possibly Helpful Vitamin D —Supplementation Possibly Helpful Folate –Supplementation Possibly Helpful Melatonin —Supplementation Possibly Helpful Biotin —Supplementation Possibly Helpful, but Take at a Different Time of Day Vitamin A —Possible Increased Risk of Birth Defects Glutamine —Theoretical Harmful Interaction White Willow —Possible Negative Interaction Ginkgo —Possible Harmful Interaction St. John's Wort, Dong Quai —Possible Harmful Interaction

Valproic acid is a commonly used anticonvulsant treatment. Drugs in this family include:

  • Divalproex Sodium
  • Depakote
  • Depakote Sprinkle
  • Sodium Valproate
  • Depakene Syrup

CarnitineCarnitine is an amino acid that has been used for heart conditions, Alzheimer's disease, and intermittent claudication. Intermittent claudication is a possible complication of atherosclerosis in which impaired blood circulation causes severe pain in calf muscles during walking or exercising. Long-term therapy with anticonvulsant agents, particularly valproic acid, is associated with low levels of carnitine. 1 However, it isn't clear whether the anticonvulsants cause the carnitine deficiency or whether it occurs for other reasons. It has been hypothesized that low carnitine levels may contribute to valproic acid's damaging effects on the liver. 2,3 The risk of this liver damage increases in children younger than 24 months, 4 and carnitine supplementation does seem to be protective. 5 However, in one double-blind crossover study, carnitine supplementation produced no real improvement in "well-being" as assessed by parents of children receiving either valproic acid or carbamazepine. 6 L-carnitine supplementation may be advisable in certain cases, such as in infants and young children (especially those younger than 2 years) who have neurologic disorders and are receiving valproic acid and multiple anticonvulsants. 7

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