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Bruising and bleeding both occur because of damage to blood vessels. When a vein, artery, or capillary is torn or cut, blood flows out into the vessel's surroundings; if the escaped blood is contained within the tissues directly under the skin, we see a bruise.While all of us bruise from time to time, some people bruise particularly easily. A number of factors, besides being accident-prone, can make this occur. One factor contributing to easy bruising is thinning skin, caused by aging or by medications such as corticosteroids . Easy bruising can also be due to fragile blood vessel walls. Finally, difficulties with blood clotting, including problems with platelets or clotting factors, can also increase bruising. For this reason, strong blood-thinning drugs such as heparin and warfarin (Coumadin) can lead to excessive bruising. Warning : If you’re taking these or other anticoagulant drugs and notice increased bruising, contact your doctor, as this situation could be dangerous. Aspirin or natural remedies, such as policosanol , ginkgo , garlic , and high-dose vitamin E , may also thin the blood, possibly raising the risk of bruising and other bleeding problems; and if you combine two blood-thinning substances, these effects might multiply. Rarely, severe bruising from minor or unnoticed injuries can be a sign of leukemia or another serious health problem. Especially if this is a new development, discuss your symptoms with a doctor.However, in most cases, there is no identifiable medical cause for easy bruising, and no conventional treatment. Furthermore, once you have a bruise, there is no conventional therapy to help speed its resolution.

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