Trade Names :

  • Accurbron
  • Aerolate
  • Aquaphyllin
  • Asmalix
  • Elixomin
  • Elixophyllin
  • Lanophyllin
  • Quibron-T
  • Quibron-T-SR
  • Slo-bid
  • Slo-Phyllin
  • T-Phyl
  • Theo-24
  • Theo-Dur
  • Theo-Sav
  • Theo-X
  • Theobid
  • Theochron
  • Theoclear L.A.
  • Theoclear-80
  • Theolair
  • Theolair-SR
  • Theospan-SR
  • Theostat 80
  • Theovent
  • Uni-Dur
  • Uniphyl

Vitamin B6 - Supplementation Possibly Helpful St. John's Wort - Possible Interference with Action of Drug Cayenne - Possible Increased Risk of Toxicity Ipriflavone - Possible Increased Risk of Toxicity

Once among the most common treatments for asthma, theophylline is no longer widely used, having been replaced by drugs that cause fewer side effects. 

Vitamin B6 Theophylline appears to impair the normal conversion of vitamin B 6 into the more active substance pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP). 1–4 These findings have led some researchers to suspect that some of the many side effects of theophylline could be caused, at least in part, by interference with B 6 activity. Indeed, one study found that B 6 supplements might help reduce theophylline-induced tremors. 5

St. John's Wort Evidence suggests the herb St. John's wort can lower blood levels of theophylline, making it less effective. 6,7

Cayenne Oral cayenne might increase the absorption of theophylline, 8 which could lead to an increased risk of theophylline toxicity.

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