Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Image for eating while pregnant article Finding out you are pregnant can be an exciting time. There are lots of things you may think about when you start planning ahead. It can also stir up some concerns. One of them may be the amount of weight you gain while you are pregnant. Pregnant women need a proper diet and appropriate weight gain for a healthy pregancyand the nourishment of a growing baby. Gaining weight during pregnancy can be tricky. If you gain too little or too much, it can harm your unborn baby and create complications for both of you.You and your doctor can work out the details, but here is a general idea of what you need to know.

Optimal Weight Gain

The amount of weight you should gain during pregnancydepends upon several factors including your prepregnancy weightand your age. If you are of average weight for your height, you areencouraged to gain between 25-35 pounds. If you are underweight orhave a low body mass index (BMI), you will need to gain a bit more. If you areoverweight, you will be encouraged to gain a little less weight than average.Womenwho are pregnant with twins or multiples will usually gainmore weight than average. A slow and steady weight gain over the 9 month period isbest, but keep in mind that women gain weight at different rates.You should never try to lose weight during pregnancy, evenif you are overweight. The burning of fat stores during pregnancycould cause your body to release substances that could harm yourbaby. Your doctor will suggest a weight range thanbest suits you, but the table below shows some general guidelines from the Institute of Medicine:
Pregnancy Status 1st Trimester
Weight Gain
2nd and 3rd Trimester
Weight Gain
Total Weight Gain
Underweight 1-4 lbs. 1-1.3 lbs/week 28-40 lbs.
Normal Weight 1-4 lbs. 0.8-1 lbs/week 25-35 lbs.
Overweight 1-4 lbs. 0.5-0.7 lbs/week 15-25 lbs.
Obese 1-4 lbs. 0.4-0.6 lbs./week 11-20 lbs.
Mothers carrying multiples (like twins) usually gain 33-48 lbs.

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