Vitamin A

salad spinach eating pregnancy Vitamin A, also called retinol, is a fat-soluble vitamin. Our bodies store fat-soluble vitamins in the liver and fatty tissues. The active form of vitamin A is found in animal tissue. Red, orange, and dark green vegetables and fruits contain precursor forms of vitamin A called carotenoids. Our bodies can convert some of these carotenoids into vitamin A.


Here are some of vitamin A's functions:
  • Plays an essential role in vision
  • Plays an important role in cell differentiation and cell division
  • Helps in the formation and maintenance of healthy skin and hair
  • Helps with proper bone growth and tooth development
  • Helps the body regulate the immune system
  • Plays an essential role in the reproduction process for both men and women

Recommended Intake:

The recommended daily dietary allowance for vitamin A is measured in micrograms (mcg) of Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE).
Age Group (in years) Recommended Dietary Allowance
Females Males
1 – 3 300 mcg of RAE 300 mcg of RAE
4 – 8 400 mcg of RAE 400 mcg of RAE
9 – 13 600 mcg of RAE 600 mcg of RAE
14 – 18 700 mcg of RAE 900 mcg of RAE
14 – 18 Pregnancy 750 mcg of RAE n/a
14 – 18 Lactation 1,200 mcg of RAE n/a
19+ 700 mcg of RAE 900 mcg of RAE
19+ Pregnancy 770 mcg of RAE n/a
19+ Lactation 1,300 mcg of RAE n/a

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