A Spiritual Journey Through Spain--Itinerary

A Spiritual Journey Through Spain--Itinerary

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Itinerary Highlights
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Day 1 - Travel to Madrid, Spain

Day 2 - Madrid
Time to explore the Prado, the Palaceo Real, and other attractions, as well the city's excellent restaurants and shopping areas.

Alcazar Fountain Day 3 - Toledo
Explore this center of Islamic and Jewish theology and mysticism. The city's design resembles that of a traditional medina - narrow streets lined with Moorish style houses - and the churches and synagogues of the city are heavily influenced by the architecture of Islam. Our tour will include the massive Gothic cathedral of Toledo, a walk through Toledo's Jewish quarter, the Church of Santo Tome, and the Synagogue de Santa Maria La Blanca.

Day 4 - Toledo and Madrid
A morning visit to San Juan de los Reyes, the church intended as the final resting place for Fernando and Isabel of Spain, and the Iglesia de San Roman, which houses the Visigoth Museum.

Day 5 - Avila
Join visitors from all over the world in Avila to celebrate the Feast of St. Teresa, the festival honoring the author of the classic book, "The Interior Castle," and one of the most celebrated Christian mystics. Visiting St. Teresa's birthplace, tour the Convento de la Encarnacion, her home for 20 years, and see a spectacular evening fireworks display. We'll be treated to a lecture by our featured guest, Mother Tessa Bielecki, an expert on Christian mysticism and author of the book, "Teresa of Avila: Ecstasy and Common Sense."

Day 6 - Cordova
Depart Madrid and travel to Cordova. Spend a free afternoon exploring the city, once the largest city of the Roman Empire and the heart of the Moorish empire for three centuries.

Alhambra Columns Day 7 - Cordova
Begin the day in Cordova with a visit to the Mezquita. A Catholic cathedral for the past 700 years, the Mesquita, or Great Mosque, is the most substantial and impressive relic of the Muslim presence in Spain. After lunch, we'll explore Cordova's ancient Jewish quarter. Tucked away in the city walls we'll find, among other sites, a small fourteenth-century synagogue displaying a unique mix of Hebrew inscriptions and decorative Moorish arabesque work.

Day 8 - Seville
Spend the day in Seville, visiting the Great Cathedral, which houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the Alcazar Palace, and a traditional flamenco show.

Day 9 - Granada
After a free morning in Seville, depart for Granada, built by the Visigoths and later an important Moorish city.

Day 10 - Granada
Tour Granada's Alhambra Palace complex, including the Palace of Comares, the Palace of Charles V, the Church of Santa Maria and the Convent of San Francisco, and Generalife, the garden and summer palace.

Day 11
Depart on a morning flight for Madrid for connecting flight back to the U.S.

Option 1
Explore the medieval towns of Burgos, Portomarin, and Leon. Visit Melide, the center of Galicia, and journey by foot to Arzua, traditionally the first overnight stop before Santiago de Compostelo. The next day, continue on foot to Lavacolla and finally to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where we will join others in the traditional pilgrim practices at the final resting place of Saint James. We will enjoy a full day in this great pilgrim city.

Option 2
Our time in Barcelona will include visits to the city's many museums and the work of Spain's famous architect, Antonio Gaudi. We will also visit the Catalonian town of Gerona, best known for its medieval Jewish Quarter. The visit to Gerona will also include the town's Cathedral, where the 11th-century Tapestry of Creation is housed, as well as the Banys Arab baths.

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