Faq - Webstart

Faq - Webstart

Beliefnet Affiliate Program Overview


What is the Beliefnet Web Start kit?
The Beliefnet Web Start kit gives you everything you need to easily create and manage your own website.
With the Beliefnet Web Start kit you can:
  • Build your community online
  • Facilitate communication among your group
  • Attract new members
  • Transcend physical borders
  • Share information in one central place
  • Gain access to Beliefnet's rich and vast content
The Beliefnet Web Start kit consists of several key components that will help you build a comprehensive site:
  1. Customized Templates
  2. 24/7 Access to edit and develop your site
  3. Personalized domain name (yourname.beliefnet.com)
  4. Email
  5. Site Building Tools
  6. 20 MB of space (that's thousands of pages of text, hundreds of images, and several audio files)
  7. Website hosting
All of this enables you to get a site on the Internet with an easy to remember address in less than a day.

Do I need to know HTML to build a site?
No, you can build a site with one of our templates, built specifically for Protestant churches. Each template consists of several key elements. You can customize your website using any or all of the provided elements. We provide you with detailed guidelines for content but the ultimate decision rests with you. Here's an example of the pages that come with our church template:

  1. Homepage: Welcome message and brief introduction to your organization
  2. Pastoral Staff: Introduce staff/provide background
  3. The Church: Brief history of your church, types of ministries offered, Committees and activities
  4. Calendar of Events: Schedule of upcoming events
  5. Related Links: Links of interest to your community
  6. Photo Gallery: Share photos from recent events
  7. Other information: Anything that you want to share/emphasize that does not fit in provided sections
The template makes it possible for you to easily update your site at any point from any computer with Internet access.

Do I need to contact you when I want to update my site?
No, you can change the content on your site yourself whenever you want from any computer with Internet access.

I have a site already, what makes Beliefnet different?
Everything we do is aimed at helping you build a community on your site.

Easy to remember domain name
Our easy to remember domain names are a vast improvement over the longer web addresses of other hosting sites. Instead of asking your members to visit http://members.someISP.com/folder1/folder2/mychurch/index.html, you can invite your members to visit http://mychurch.beliefnet.com.

Interactive tools
Our message boards will allow you to involve your members in an online study, alert them to community needs, and invite them to scheduled events. Your members can respond to you and to the rest of the community through this application.

Our upcoming newslettering tool will allow you to send messages to your members regularly, updating them on the activity and growth in your community.

You can provide unlimited emails to your congregation or just to your staff. You and your organization will be able to communicate more effectively using our web-based email.

Access to Beliefnet Content
Your site can be updated regularly with fresh content from the Beliefnet channel of your choosing. We will push new content to your site on a regular basis; your site will keep changing, so your visitors will have a reason to come back.

I have a domain name. Can I keep it and still move to your site?
Yes, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to move to our site. You can contact us at webservices@staff.beliefnet.com for help in moving your domain name over to our site.

I have a lot of pages on my site that I don't want to lose if I move over. Can I keep them?
You can use our Site Copier utility, which enables you to move all the files from your site over to your space on the beliefnet.com network. You can move megabytes of information with just a few clicks and internet access.

How do I get started?
Gather some material from this month's newsletter, your latest church bulletin, your staff bios, and head for http://webservices.beliefnet.com You can read up on the Beliefnet Web Start kit and register for your own domain now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at webservices@staff.beliefnet.com.

We'll see you online!