Already Have a Website? Transfer Your Site to a More Robust Network
It's easy to transfer your site
In just 3 clicks move all your site's files-no matter how large-over to your Beliefnet space. All you need is Internet access. Your Beliefnet site can be as simple or dynamic as you want.

We offer proven community-building features:
Beliefnet content of your choosing-Get articles and features as you decide from the Beliefnet home site, streamed regularly to your site; this means that your site keeps changing, so your visitors keep coming back.

Message boards - Provide an online study or discussion, invite your community to an event, or form a commemoration, prayer, or celebration circle; your members can then respond to you and the community through this same application.

Easy to remember domain name-Change your domain name only if you want; but our domain names are a vast improvement over the long addresses of other hosting sites. Instead of asking your members to visit, invite them to visit

Dedicated support We want to help you build community through your site. You can always contact us with questions or suggestions. We respond within 24 hours by e-mail.

Instant access to your site We offer free 24/7/365 access to update your site from any computer anywhere. Some services make you contact several different people, and then you have to wait until they get around to implementing your changes. With our Web Services, there's no such waiting.

How do I get started?
Head for and register for your own domain now. If you need help on what to add to your site, consider staff biographies from the bulletin of your organization or house of worship, a list of upcoming events, or contact information, etc.

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