This Isn't a 'Rite of Spring'
"You do believe in the Resurrection, don't you?"

Help Thou My Unbelief
One woman's struggles with doubt during an Easter service.

Mary of Magdala
She was the first to realize Christ had risen. Feminists now hope her witness will inspire other firsts.

A song and poem of celebration.

Fool for Christ
So what if I looked silly? This was my baptism, for heaven's sake. Jesus was mocked by crowds and crucified.

Waiting in Joyful Hope
Remembering a grandfather, expecting a new baby, and anticipating our own resurrections.

Faith, Misunderstood
I knew I wanted to be baptized. I just didn't know what I'd become to my friends afterwards.

Quiz: Animals as Christian Symbols

Incredible, Edible, Pagan?
The Great Egg Debate Easter's Pagan Roots World's Biggest Egg...and More

TV review: The Miracle Maker
In this Easter special, God is the potter, and everything's the clay.

Bring on the Babka
Easter recipes from around the world.

When Traditions Scandalize
Difficult passages in Passover and Holy Week readings.

Showing Peter Cottontail the Door
Books for kids that speak to the Easter spirit.