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Election2000 - Gore Church - Home Page

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main_church Take a look inside New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, where Al Gore is still considered "home folk."

Al Gore was baptized at a Southern Baptist church near Washington, D.C., but his hometown church is a "little, old-timey" missionary Baptist church in rural Tennessee. The church of Gore's grandparents and of his youth, New Salem is located in a community where people tend to have three priorities: God, family, and the Democrats. What can you learn about the candidate from his hometown church? Join Beliefnet for an interactive tour of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church.

In our guided tour, you can:

church Take a look inside the vice president's church.

story The New Salem Missionary Baptist Church of Al Gore's grandparents and his youth is still, in the words of its current pastor, "just a little old-timey Baptist church." Al and Tipper Gore were baptized at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Arlington, Va., but Gore still calls New Salem home.

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