stem-cell statistics

stem-cell statistics

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The poll posed the following questions to a random sampling of Americans about their views on embryonic stem-cell research.

What Do You Think?

Question: Sometimes fertility clinics produce extra fertilized eggs, also called embryos, that are not implanted in a woman's womb. These extra embryos either are discarded, or couples can donate them for use in medical research, called stem-cell research. Some people support stem-cell research, saying it's an important way to find treatments for many diseases. Other people oppose stem-cell research, saying it's wrong to use any human embryos for research purposes. What about you--do you support or oppose stem-cell research?

By Gender
  Support Oppose
Women 58% 30%
Men 57%30%
By Race
  Support Oppose
Blacks 48% 44%
Whites 60%29%
By Position on Abortion
  Support Oppose
Abortion should be legal 76% 15%
Abortion should be illegal 39%50%
Source: ABCNews/Beliefnet Poll

Should Our Government Fund It?

Question: The federal government provides funding to support a variety of medical research. Do you think federal funding for medical research should or should not include funding for stem-cell research?

How Supporters and Opponents Break Down

By Religious Category
Denomination Support Oppose Don't Know
Catholics 54% 35% 11%
Protestants, Non-Evangelical 68% 19%13%
Evangelicals 51% 40% 9%
White Evangelicals 50% 40% 10%
No Religion 63% 24% 14%
Source: ABCNews/Beliefnet Poll

What Influences You?

Question: What's had the most influence on your opinion on the issue of stem-cell research--the opinions of your family and friends, things you've seen or read in the news, your education, your personal experience, your religious beliefs, your personal non-religious beliefs, or something else?

By Religious Category
  Religion News Education Personal Beliefs Personal Experience Opinions of Family/Friends Other
Catholics 18% 21% 21% 14% 6% 4% 12%
5% 29% 12% 18% 14% 4%13%
Evangelicals 30% 19% 7% 13% 6% 7% 13%
White Evangelicals 29% 20% 7% 12% 7% 8%13%
No Religion 5% 17% 23% 24% 5% 3%14%
Source: ABCNews/Beliefnet Poll

This ABCNews/Beliefnet poll was conducted by telephone June 20-24, 2001, among a random sample of 1,022 adults. The results have a three point error margin. Field work by TNS Intersearch of Horsham, Pa.