Politics 3 column

Politics 3 column


Barack Obama

Talks about his daily prayer and argues Muslims would see American differently if he were president.

Mike Huckabee

Reflects on the relationship between the Bible and the Constitution and on feeling God's presence.

Ron Paul

Says his Christian values make him pro-life and anti-war and explains why he became an evangelical.

John McCain

Says the Constitution established a "Christian nation" and expresses discomfort about a Muslim in the White House.


John Edwards

Discusses what about America would most outrage Jesus and why he supports federal funds for faith-based groups.

Fred Thompson

Discusses his reluctance to talk about his faith and says questions on religion come from the news media, not voters.

Sam Brownback

Tells how the poor can save our souls and how a religious revival could save America.

Do you think that one political party better represents religious people generally?
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Yes, the Democrats

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