America Considers a Jewish Vice President

America Considers a Jewish Vice President


Good for the Jews?
  • It's a Heckuva Time to Be Jewish
    By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

  • Black Anti-Semitism
    Most blacks aren't anti-Jew, but enough are that the Democrats should be worried. By Debra Dickerson

  • Bad for the Jews, Bad for the Country
    Joseph Lieberman has strayed from the best aspects of Jewish tradition. By Rabbi Michael Lerner

  • Jewish Scapegoat?
    With one of their own up for veep, Jews are thrilled. They're also worried that Lieberman's failings could be blamed on them all. By Tova Mirvis

  • A Deathblow Against Anti-Semitism
    Candidate Lieberman has the opportunity, virtually unparalleled in world history, to strike a blow against "the longest hatred." By Rabbi David Wolpe

  • Why Orthodox Jews Are Nervous
    Orthodox groups have downplayed Lieberman's religion, while non-Orthodox ones have gushed. By Ari Goldman

  • Lessons from Another Jew in High Places
    What we can learn from America's first openly Jewish officeholder. By Rodger Kamenetz

  • Stronger Than Any Sermon
    Joe Lieberman's example proves that putting Torah first is not incompatible with living in contemporary society. By Eytan Kobre

    Good for Gore?

  • Joe Lieberman, Freedom Rider
    The veep nominee's record as a civil rights warrior can help the Dems keep the black vote. By Debra Dickerson

  • Gore's Shrewd Political Calculus
    By Ed Kilgore, political director of the Democratic Leadership Council

  • Why Christian Conservatives Like Lieberman, but Won't Vote for Him
    Even fundamentalists love his piety. By Rod Dreher

  • An Unorthodox Choice
    Aligned on social issues but sharply divided on abortion, how will evangelicals react to Joseph Lieberman? By Richard Land

  • A Choice That Will Alienate Blacks
    Blacks may think Gore has snubbed them in picking Lieberman. By Armstrong Williams

  • How Jews Win in Christian States
    Like Kansas' Daniel Glickman, Lieberman won in a traditionalist Christian state partly by playing against type. By Gregg Easterbrook

  • How Will He Play in the Bible Belt?
    Despite a few awkward moments, Southerners welcome Jewish politicians. By Lauren F. Winner

  • Will Lieberman's Nomination Drive Muslims to George W. Bush?
    Actually, many figure that if it can happen to a Jew, it can happen to a Muslim. By Rhonda Roumani

    Good for the Soul?

  • Want Family Values? Compassion? Vote for the Orthodox Guy
    Senator Lieberman's faith gives moral weight to the Democratic ticket. By Shmuley Boteach

  • Maybe All Politicians Should Observe the Sabbath
    Lieberman's religious observance hasn't hindered his ability to serve the public. It may even enhance it. By Joseph Telushkin


  • Jewish VP Discussion

  • News Coverage From the Associated Press
    -Gore Picks Lieberman as Running Mate
    -Jesse Jackson Says Nation Should Rejoice
    -Dallas NAACP Head Resigns After Suspension for Lieberman Comment
    -Dallas NAACP Leader Under Fire for Lieberman Remark

  • What's an Orthodox Jew?
    As a modern Orthodox Jew, Lieberman navigates two worlds. By Michael Kress

  • Lieberman's Political--and Jewish--Antecedents
    By Julia Lieblich

  • Tipper and Hadassah: Second-Ladies Club
    Hillary and Tipper seemed like sisters. This time the Dem's campaign bus will be an experiment in diversity. A chart of the differences between Tipper Gore and Hadassah Lieberman

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    A Look At The Stats
    Is America ready for a Jewish Vice President? A look back at Gallup data from the last presidential election reveals something surprising--among the most interesting attitudes to watch are those of the Jews themselves.

    What worries you most about Lieberman?
    He'll be reflexively pro-Israel.
    He won't be able to work on Saturday.
    He's too liberal.
    He's too conservative.
    Nothing worries me about Lieberman.

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    "What would matter to me is how the person lives their lives and practices their faith. I would never vote for a person who says they are of the Jewish faith but it is really just a cultural, secular thing with them. Morals and values play into it. Same for Christians. You have to walk the walk-talk the talk." -- Creole