After Katrina: Healing and Hope - Complete Coverage of Hurricane Katrina

After Katrina: Healing and Hope - Complete Coverage of Hurricane Katrina

Piles of Progress

One year after Katrina, I've seen more hope and more pain than I could have imagined in a lifetime, but there's more ahead.

Through the Eye of the Storm

Devastated by Katrina and ignored by FEMA, these people pulled themselves out of disaster and never gave up hope.

'My Life Was Spared When So Many Were Lost'

Hurricane Katrina disrupted my life and destroyed my home. But knowing that God has a purpose for me keeps me going.

'I Just Think We're Better Than That'

R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe on helping Katrina victims, the 'godly' response to disaster--and what music he's listening to these days

Desperate and Feeling Abandoned in New Orleans

How can I give suicidal Katrina victims the will to live when my own sense of hope has dwindled?

Did God Send the Hurricane?

This natural disaster is bringing together environmentalist and religious doomsday sayers.

Katrina: God's Judgment on America

The hurricane was an act of God upon a sin-loving and rebellious nation.

A Spiritual Response
Leaders from Billy Graham to Lama Surya Das offer words of wisdom and comfort.

God's Gonna Trouble the Water

Katrina challenges the black church to recapture its prophetic anger and transform it into social action.

Our Brothers Keeper

Why did a Mormon-owned radio station fire me when I used my show to help poor, black Katrina survivors put down roots in Utah?

Grab Your Rescuer--and Hold On

This hurricane was God's tool to get your attention. Let him lift you out of sin.

A Pagan Response to Katrina

The Goddess has immense power, both creative and destructive.

What Was Washed Away, and What Remains

Loss is ingrained in life, but faith guides us to what is permanent.

What the Waters Have Revealed

Hurricane Katrina has exposed the realities of the nation's poor.

The Defiant Man of Faith

Better to argue with God than blame human sin.

Katrina: What Not to Say

Some Christians are thundering from their pulpits that Katrina is God's wrath against America's immorality. Wrong.

Need and Greed in Katrina's Wake

Some people stole for greed, some for survival.

From Arrogance to Compassion

The human failures that caused Hurricane Katrina to be so destructive--and how to ensure that humans don't fail this way again.

How You Can Help
Charities to donate to and other ways to aid the hurricane victims

Pastoral Voices
Listen to sermons delivered in response to Katrina

Tears Are for the Soul

In times of great distress, the act of crying can be a gift from God

Prayer Circles
Pray for those affected by Katrina

Voices of Beliefnet
Join the community conversation about the storm's impact

How has Hurricane Katrina affected your spiritual life?

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I Am a Homeless Man

No matter how much water has covered my city and cut me off from my home, I carry them in my heart.

Welcome the Stranger

The ongoing journal of a Montana family hosting two survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Angry? Try Sacrifice

Being angry about the Katrina screw-ups makes me feel like I'm doing something. But am I willing to sacrifice?

Hope and Faith After the Storm
A daily blog chronicling inspiring stories in the wake of Hurricane

The Determined Mable Brown

The most resourceful woman in America, Mabel Brown, saves herself and 18 family members.

The Wall and The Door

Why are some people adding insult to Katrina's injury by treating New Orleans' refugees like lepers?

'Where Is God?'

A Beliefnet member, who lost nearly everything in hurricanes a year ago, asks a heartwrenching question.

"More refugees are rolling in every day...."
Muslim community member E. Ott posts about refugee assistance efforts in Baton Rouge.

"Several hours later the phone rang; it was my son. He said mom and dad I am ok"
Beliefnet members describe fleeing homes, searching for loved ones, turning to prayer.