Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 8

Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 8

Elisabeth DeStefano: 'Doing for Others'

Gayla (left) nominated
Tina (right)
The most inspiring person in my life is Elisabeth DeStefano. We have been best friends for 22 years. Tina (as she is known to her friends and family) has helped in raising my children after a divorce. Making sure they were fed and homework done when I had to work. She was there when I found out I had breast cancer and took care of me and kept up things until I was on my feet. A total of six surgeries left me weak, unable to work, and my partner of 13 years soon left.

Again Tina was there with support to boost my spirits. When I was so depressed I lost 40 lbs. in 4 weeks, she guided me to get help and encouraged me to keep active. She has been there not only for me but for her mother. Her stepfather has Alzheimer’s, and Tina helps with doctor visits and support for her mom.

Not only does she help with family, she also runs the family business alongside her brother. Tina has been active in the Unity church and other support groups.

To me she is one of the most inspiring people I have, doing for others and never asking anything in return. And always showing her love for all.

Gayla Miller
Hannibal, Mo.

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