Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 10

Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 10

Kathy McCarty: 'Devoted Nurse in Africa'

Kathy McCarty is an incredibly dedicated missionary nurse who has devoted more than 25 years to serving the Shona people at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in the bush of Zimbabwe, Africa. Though the hospital is 50 miles on a dirt road from the nearest town, people from all over Zimbabwe travel to get the quality care that Chidamoyo Christian Hospital offers under Kathy’s leadership.

She went to Chidamayo on a mission trip after high school, fell in love with the work and the people, and returned as a nurse. She has had to do many things a doctor would do in this country, including cope with the AIDS epidemic (half the population has AIDS). We have seen firsthand Kathy’s phenomenal work: she implemented home care for AIDS patients so they could be treated in their villages. She has saved many newborns from acquiring AIDS before birth. She has raised funds for a new maternity ward, AIDS education center, scholarships, abstinence education, ARV drug program, well-baby clinics, and much more. She chose to give up life in the U.S. to help those in need in Zimbabwe.

Patty LeDonne
Sue Beckstead
Sebastopol, Calif.

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