Main page for winter health week

Main page for winter health week

Winter is a challenging time to stay healthy, between the chilly temperatures, runny noses, and icy sidewalks. Let Beliefnet's Winter Health Week help you boost your sense of well-being and warm your soul this winter.

Day One: Avoiding Depression

Everyone gets "the blues" now and then, but winter often exacerbates feelings of sadness and depression. Cheer yourself with a soothing "calm waters" meditation, and let our "Beyond Blue" blogger Therese J. Borchard share how she keeps depression at bay when it's cold outside.
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Day Two: Feeling Well

How do your emotions affect your immune system? The key to feeling well this winter might be in your ability to cope with stress. Try our spiritual techniques for managing stress, and reap the healthful rewards.
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Day Three: Staying Warm

Warmth isn't only a temperature gauge, it can also be a state of mind. Take our suggestions for ten ways to stay warm, or try out some warming aromatherapy practices to keep your soul toasty all winter long.
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Day Four: Healthy Winter Vacations

What's the ideal winter escape? Curling up by the fire, hitting the slopes, or heading south in search of the tropical sun? Our quiz will tell you your winter vacation type, and our guide to winter vacation spots will help you plan your next trip.
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Day Five: Winter Food and Fitness

Even the most dedicated health enthusiasts face the dual challenges of winter: the temptations of rich comfort foods and the restriction on outdoor activities like jogging, bicycling, or walking. Our tips and tools will keep you motivated to get your heart rate up and take a spiritual approach to your food choices.
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