Jesus and Paul - Jesus' Ministry

Jesus and Paul - Jesus' Ministry

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Jesus' Teachings

"The Jericho Road Was Dangerous..."
Understanding the parable of the Good Samaritan. By Robert W. Funk

Why do you believe Jesus taught in parables?
To make his teachings more vivid and comprehensible
To fulfill prophecy
To avoid overtly threatening the social and political powers of his day
A Closer Look at the Mustard Seed
Jesus' metaphor for the Kingdom of God was no common weed. By John Dominic Crossan

The Kingdom of God Can Happen Now
The radical hope Jesus offered the poor. By John Dominic Crossan

Bible Excerpts
Jesus on 'The Kingdom of God'

Jesus' Miracles

The Mighty Deeds of Jesus
How does a modern Christian understand Jesus' healings and miracles? By Marcus Borg

Jesus Christ, Exorcist
By casting out demons, Jesus demonstrated the strength of his liberating power. By Susan R. Garrett

Why Did Jesus Hush Up His Healings?
Jesus was "much more careful" in Jewish territory. By Ben Witherington III

Your Opinions
"Jesus came to offer us The Kingdom of God ...If we all would just open our hearts to each other in love, strictly follow the Golden Rule and learn self-control, we could have heaven on earth right now." —saipanhny57

Jesus the Man

User Questions Answered by Ben Witherington III
  • Daily Life in Jesus' Day
  • Why Did Jesus Say "Why Do You Call Me Good?"
  • What Race Was Jesus?

    Did Jesus Know He Was God?
    By Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos

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