Jesus and Paul - Jesus' Crucifixion

Jesus and Paul - Jesus' Crucifixion

Jesus' Trial & Crucifixion

Who's most to blame for Jesus' crucifixion?
The Jewish high priests
The Jews in general
Pilate, acting for Rome
Sinful humanity
The Way of the Cross
A moving audiovisual feature tracing Jesus' Passion and death.

Who Killed Jesus?
The Jews didn't cause the death of Jesus, nor did the Romans. They were merely instruments carrying out what God had decreed. By Charles Colson

What Was Pontius Pilate Like?
A brief look at the Roman procurator.

Don't Play the Blame Game
We can never excuse placing accountability for Jesus' death on any specific group, and certainly not on 'the Jews.' By John Dominic Crossan

Reinterpreting Judas
Scholars are taking another look at the Bible's "Benedict Arnold."

Is "The Passion" true to the Bible? Find out in Beliefnet's The Passion Papers
Was Jesus Buried?
What might be expected to happen to the body of a criminal crucified under Roman law? By John Dominic Crossan

Between Death and Resurrection
What did Jesus do during the three days between his crucifixion and his resurrection? Did he preach in hell? Bible Q&A by Richard Land

Beliefnet Featured Links: Historical Sources
The Annals by Tacitus
Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus
Bible Passages
Read the Passion story according to: Matthew | Mark | Luke | John


Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Paul, and see photos of where Paul preached.

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