Calendar of Holidays & Festivals - February 2005

Calendar of Holidays & Festivals - February 2005

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February 2

Also called "Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple"; celebrates the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.
Link: About Candlemas

Imbolc/Brigid's Day
The first glimpse of spring, also dedicated to the Celtic goddess Brigid.
Resource: A Midwinter Festival
Essay: Celebrating Brigid
eCards: Send an Imbolc Greeting

February 8

 Mahayana Buddhist
Nirvana Day (Parinirvana Day)
Observance of the death of Buddha, the point at which he left the cycle of death and rebirth. Celebrated through meditation and the visitation of temples and monasteries.
Link: About Nirvana Day

Shrove Tuesday
Sometimes known as Fat Tuesday; Christian carnival day on the eve of Lent.
Links: About Shrove Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday: A Merry Carnival

February 9

Ash Wednesday - Lent Begins
Begins the six-week season of Lent, a time of repentance and reflection.
Feature: The Lenten Journey
Basics: Ash Wednesday Primer

Islamic New Year
First day of the first month of the Hijri calendar (begins at sundown).
Essay: Islamic New Year: A Time of Reflection

February 9 - 11

 Tibetan Buddhist
Tibetan New Year; a time to cleanse oneself of last year's negativity and begin anew. Festivities continue for another week and include visits to relatives and resolutions for the year ahead.
Excerpt: How the Wood Horse Year Began, Once Upon a Time
Explore: What Makes a Holy Day?
Resource: What Is Losar?

February 13

Vasant Panchami
Celebration dedicated to Saraswati, goddess of learning.
Link: About Vasant Panchami

February 14

 Christian / Non-Religious
St. Valentine's Day
Celebration of St. Valentine; day for lovers.
Explore: Who Took the 'St.' Away from St. Valentine?
eCards: Send a Valentine

February 18

Commemorates the martyrdom of the grandson of the prophet Muhammad (begins at sundown).
Explore: 'Ashura: A Day of Remembrance
Essay: The Super Day of Ashura

February 26

Intercalary Days
Known as Ayyam-Hi or Days of Ha; a time for rejoicing before the period of fasting.
Resource: The Intercalary Days

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