Saving Grace Splash

Saving Grace Splash


In the new TNT series "Saving Grace", a detective named Grace Hanadarko (played by Holly Hunter) faces the tragic death of her sister, a life-altering moment that sends Grace's life into a downward spiral. Grace is far from the only person to have a life-changing experience. We asked Beliefnet readers whether thier lives have ever changed in an instant, and the stories you told us were powerful and moving.

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Meet the characters from "Saving Grace," and see images from the series' first season.

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TNT's #1 original series of the year, "Saving Grace," returns with the first of four new episodes immediately following "The Closer" on December 3 at 10/9c. Academy Award winner Holly Hunter, in her first television series, stars as Grace. She's a feisty, unapologetic, hard-living woman who has made a lot of bad choices in her life. Grace is given a last chance to change her self-destructive ways due to a life altering event and yet, doesn't believe it, doesn't want it, and didn't ask for it. Help arrives in the form of an unconventional angel named Earl, who wants to help lead her back on the right path. Reluctantly, she agrees, and this series--like nothing else on television--follows Grace's long journey to redemption, where every step forward leads to two steps back.


The veteran actor, who embodies the angel Earl on "Saving Grace," tells us what it's like on the set---and how he feels about playing an angel.

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Grace's life was changed forever when she met Earl, the angel. We asked how your life was changed by encounters with strangers. Here are your stories.

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I wish I had a transcript of last nights show because almost all of the lines were profound. I was deeply moved, like I am after a beautiful liturgy.

By Therese Borchard, Beyond Blue

A Parade of Nuns
"Saving Grace" is filled with questions, doubts, the desire to believe, the hard reality of why some days, or even some years, God feels so far away that its easy to stop believing God is even there.

By Donna Freitas, Idol Chatter

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Nancy Miller, a practicing Catholic, sees "Saving Grace" as her chance to explore the ways faith, religion, sin and choices intersect with each other. She tells Beliefnet about the angels she sees living all around us, and her belief that God is a healer, not a rule enforcer.

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