8 Tips to Become a Happier Christian

Are Emotions Ruling Your Life?

Letting Go

Many of us go through the motions of life and can’t seem to find true happiness. Where does this bliss come from? Does it come from some big promotion or vicariously living through a celebrity on Twitter or Facebook?  When it ends, do you  find yourself craving more stuff to feel better or ignite those good ol' happy feelings?

If we are honest with ourselves, we are all guilty.

Regardless of the vice, the buzz of euphoric joy usually dissipates after we receive good news or when we finally get our breakthrough. What happens when you feel like heaven is silent or you are on a emotional roller coaster when plans are derailed? During that time we need the Word to sustain us, when our feelings won’t cooperate and want to flare up when nothing is going right.

You were meant to be more than a mere survivor, right? So let’s get on with it! Here are a few simple and practical ways to become a happier Christian.



Corine Gatti is a reporter and Health Editor at Beliefnet.