Because Jett Travolta was so young, is there any distinction with what happens to young people after death?

No, not in Scientology, because the being is ageless, immortal, and not bound by time.

Are there Scientology rituals for a funeral?

Really, it's a celebration of the life the person has lived. The person has departed the body, but the person is who he is. A Scientology funeral is an opportunity for family and friends to bid the person goodbye, thank him for everything that he's done in his current lifetime, and wish him well as he moves on to the next lifetime.

While we have the loss of that physical presence with us now--the person's touch, hug, smile, laugh--the individual carries on to another lifetime.

I've heard that John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son was cremated. Is that preferable in Scientology?

No, there's no dogma on that subject. Some Scientologists have been buried and others have been cremated. Cremation is quite common in Scientology, just as a side note, but it's not a requirement and I know Scientologists who've been buried.

Is there a reason that it's common?

There are various things that L. Ron Hubbard has written on the subject, but it's a more involved discussion.

Thinking in terms of funerals versus memorial services, is there any distinction? Would the phrase "Scientology funeral" be accurate?

Yes. The [terms] are interchangeable. I know that the two have different meanings, but both serve the same purpose.

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