Aim for the shade - During the summer this is very important. If you are running errands, try to avoid the sun and walk in the shade whenever you can, and of course apply sunscreen to your skin before you head out. No matter what skin tone you are you still need protection from the sun’s rays!

Load up on nuts - The perfect thing to snack on during the night to take care of your skin is nuts. Eating cashews and almonds play a big role in rejuvenating your skin because they contain large percentages of fibres and fatty acids. After you break your fast nuts make a good light snack.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise - Don’t neglect your skin this Ramadan. Wash your face with luke-warm water and moisturize afterwards. Your skin needs it as it has probably lost a lot of its moisture due to lack of hydration.

Rest - Make sure you get plenty of rest to rejuvenate your skin and keep up your energy.


The first tip when it comes to food is to eat in moderation. This will help you to avoid bloating and the inevitable food coma from overeating.

  • Avoid salty, greasy meals and junk food so you don’t get dehydrated the next day.
  • Eat carbs as it turns into sugar slowly and will also give you energy for the next morning.
  • Eating yoghurt and drinking milk will keep your throat from drying the next day.

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Renew Your Intentions

After the first week or two of Ramadan, we slowly start losing momentum as we feel we’ve done ‘enough’. We must remember that any worship that we do would not have been possible without Allah’s mercy and guidance. When it gets to this point, renew your intentions and continue Ramadan the same way you entered it- with determination and willingness.

Revisit the goals you set, are you on your way to reaching them? It’s not too late to catch up if you fell behind. Take a deep breath, make plenty of du’a and be on your way to the finish line!