And amid that storm of emotions, still I miss him. Amid the darkness that eventually consumed him, still I remember that he once shone with a special measure of light.

G-d, I miss you Michael. I always believed that one day we would reconcile. That one day you would call me up and tell me that you regretted not heeding the simple advice to get your life together. That we would have Shabbat dinner together again and our kids would play as friends and we would all laugh. Alas, all we have left is the image. The dark, tragic, sad image. Of the King of Pop. The master of an empty Kingdom.

Rest in peace, Michael. Perhaps in heaven you will find the acceptance that you never quite found here on earth.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is one of the world's foremost spiritual authorities and relationship experts. He is the author of the as yet unpublished manuscript, "Inside the Soul of Michael Jackson."

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