All the more so, since all these have befallen us, we must make Aliyah [move to the Holy Land], even if illegally, wipe out the Galut [exile], build the chosen land, and make a home for ourselves and our children for eternity.

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"The Dancing With Miriam Haggadah: A Jewish Women's Celebration of Passover"

If we had been allowed to choose our destinies and mates as adults, and not been married off as children, Dayenu.
If we had been granted full civil status in laws, and not been considered second-class citizens, Dayenu.
If our stories and prayers had been written down and passed on, and not lost to invisibility, Dayenu.
If we had been honored for our roles as mothers and wives, carried out with self-sacrificing love, and not denigrated for our emotions, Dayenu.
If we had been allowed to participate in the richness of our own culture, instead of being denied freedom and education, Dayenu.
If we had been granted the vote as our right, and not had to die for it, Dayenu.
When we can pray as Jewish women where and how we choose, and not be seen as traitors to our history, it will be enough.
When we are legally equal partners in Jewish marriage and divorce, it will be enough.
When we are able to control our own bodies without having to plead or justify our cause, it will be enough.
When we are allowed to choose our own destinies and mates, without ridicule, harassment, or violence, it will be enough.
When we can walk the streets and dwell in our own homes in safety and without fear, it will be enough.
When the earth and all who dwell here shall thrive in peace, joy, and freedom, it will be enough.

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"The Santa Cruz Haggadah: A Passover Haggadah and Coloring Book for the Evolving Consciousness"

If we could make it a practice to spend time being without ourselves, honest about the truths of our lives, getting clear about what we want to learn or work on. Dayenu.
If we could give and receive all of the intimacy, affection, support, nurturance, and sex we need on an ongoing basis, to and from appropriate sources. Dayenu.
If we could have fulfilling work, exciting play, creative endeavors, and no boredom. Dayenu.
If the children of the world could receive the good-enough parenting, schooling, and feeding that would allow them to grow into healthy and stable adults. Dayenu.
If the fears of ill health, loneliness, and poverty could be dispelled so that aging would be seen as part of the process of living as opposed to being something to be feared. Dayenu.
If the commitment to lifetime learning, growth, risk taking, and expanded consciousness could become intense enough to allow for a critical mass of awakened, concerned, and fully alive human beings to once again walk the planet at the same time. Dayenu.
If we could then see Tikkun Olam, universal healing, in our lifetimes. Dayenu.
If we could go out into the world and share the joyous message of the Haggadah and the redemption and the way we feel tonight celebrating Passover together. Dayenu. Dayenu.

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"A Seder for the Children of Abraham" (Dedicated to Mideast Peace)

If only there had not been mistrust: OyLanu.
If only there had not been a Holocaust: OyLanu.
If only there had not been so many soldiers killed: OyLanu.
If only there had not been so many made homeless: OyLanu.
If only there had not been so many massacres: OyLanu.
If only there had not been so many terrorist attacks: OyLanu.
If only there had not been so many bombings: OyLanu.
If only so many children had not died: OyLanu.

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