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Who Needs a New Torah Commentary?
Some are content to study Torah with only medieval commentary, but I felt it was time for a modern update.
By Richard Elliott Friedman

Beyond Netiquette: A Torah of Listening
Applying age-old wisdom to the most modern form of communication can help us overcome the deficiencies in e-mail 'conversation.'
By Rodger Kamenetz

Banishing the Bible from Campus
Colleges are treating evangelical and Orthodox Jewish students like outcasts and bigots for their views on gays and sex
by Elliott Abrams

Test Your Knowledge of Genesis
Genesis Quiz

Are Jews Chosen?
Ask the rabbi
by Rabbi David Wolpe

Is Anybody Listening?
Prayer remains a vital component of our religious experience, even if God does not swoop down to remove our tumors
by David Wolpe

A Meditation on the Sofer
A writer meditates on the role of the sofer--scribe--who ensures the continuity of vital Jewish texts.
by Holly J. Lebowitz

God's Word?
Believers find various ways to reconcile modern biblical scholarship with their faith in the Bible as God's word
by David Wolpe

Holidays & Lifecycle Events
Complete Hanukkah Features
Articles, quizzes, songs, and more.

How Much Do You Know About Hanukkah?
Take the trivia quiz.

Overcoming Christmas Envy
How a free menorah, tossed at me as I stood outside my 12-step meeting, helped me learn to appreciate Hanukkah.

by Maia Szalavitz

A Hanukkah Message for Today
Jews in every age have found their own unique meaning in Hanukkah. What's the best Hanukkah lesson for today?

by Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Passover Offerings
Beliefnet's complete list of features for Passover

Passover Primer
Holiday basics.

Seder in the Himalayas
In the land of exiled Tibetans yearning for freedom, a seder gathers Jews and non-Jews from around the globe to mark Passover. By Rodger Kamenetz

Teaching Tales: Elijah's Favorite Seder
A Jewish tale about where the true meaning of Passover is found.

My Parents' Seder
Political idealogues can interpret the seder however they want, but at an early age, I learned what the seder is really about.
By Arthur Hertzberg

"I Have a Story About Slavery"
An interfaith Passover seder recounts the old story...and some new ones.
By Johanna Skilling

Miriam's Goblet
In a new tradition, many Jews are adding a cup of water in memory of Miriam next to Elijah's cup.

All Who Are Hungry
"All who are hungry come enter and eat," the seder beckons. After enslavement to anorexia, I am ready to heed those words.
By Ilana Kurshan

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