Another example is Buildup which is also a business incubator that is focused on encouraging both organizations and individuals to use technology for peacebuilding and other solutions.

Moreover, economies in Muslim countries are rising rapidly due to the entry of digital services especially in form of apps.

This brings us to a conclusion that the power of technology and more specifically mobile technology has been openly embraced by the Muslim population who use it as a means to solve everyday problems and to combat elements of extremism in the religion.

Therefore, the advancement of technology has been a boon for Islam as we are witnessing more and more Muslims embracing technology every day. This is because it helps one both religion wise as discussed above, by giving one the opportunity to gain Islamic knowledge virtually by attending live classes online and listening to lectures of reputed scholars all without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Children are also able to learn religion in a non-traditional manner by playing Islamic games and other interactive software that motivate them to learn better.

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