But one solution to this problem is place restrictions on repeat Hajjis—those who go more than once. There are some Muslims who even go every year. There should be a rule that if you have already made the Hajj, you should not go again (for at least a certain number of years) in order to make more room for other Muslims who have yet to go.

Yes, we must stay on the offensive against those "die hard" terrorist murderers who will stop at nothing to shed innocent blood. Yes, we must fight them to the very end. But, we must also dry the swamps of intolerance and ignorance from which future terrorists are spawned. As the evidence shows, a very effective way to do just that is to help Muslims in need go to the Hajj. I echo professor Fishman's call to direct some of our aid to help more Muslims from around the world make that life-changing trip to Mecca.

Not only will it fulfill a life dream for those Muslims, but it will also go a long way to foster good will and positive feelings between Muslims and the West. Imagine what good will come out when an ordinary Muslim in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else gets the news: "You are going to Mecca this year, and your trip was paid for by the United States of America." It will be money extremely well-spent.

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