“I try to explain things to our viewers, things that they may not immediately grasp. I try to show different sides. I think everybody goes into whatever they do with a certain perspective from their childhood, from their upbringing, from their own experience.

“Mine is unique in that I not only grew up in a part of the world which was not always so important to the West. I believe have a slight edge. I believe I have an ability to cut through a lot of the confusion and to be able to relate and to understand.

“From my childhood, I know it’s not all about conflict and there is so much more that unites us than divides us.”

Amanpour at Luxor Temple. Photo by Shawn Baldwin, ABC News

The first part of her ABC News Primetime Special “Back to the Beginning” airs Friday night, December 21. She bills it as “the ultimate road trip" as she travels to the lands of the Bible to explore the powerful stories from Genesis to the Birth of Jesus. Using the Old Testament as a guidebook, "Back to the Beginning" peels back the layers of history and faith that has inspired billions, she says. Part two is scheduled to air a week later, Friday, December 28.

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