Reprinted with permission of Hinduism Today.

In this hour of need, grief and deep shock, our prayers, support andsolidarity are with the people of the United States. We offer our deepestsympathies and prayers. May Lord Swaminarayan bless the victims whose soulshave departed and give physical, emotional and spiritual strength to thesurvivors to overcome and recover from this catastrophe. PramukhswamiMaharaj

From this disaster we need to learn that violence is not a solution to anyproblem in the world. Let us have special sessions for prayer and silencewith additional japa of Saumya Mantra for peace with prayer: may the mindsprone to violence in all parts of the world learn the art of solvingproblems through nonviolence. May we all learn to forgive. May we all learnto invoke peace in our own minds and thereby evoke it in the hearts of eventhose who are our opponents. May the gurus of humanity continue to guide usin this direction. Swami Veda Bharati

We in the Chinmaya Mission are with them in their hour of grief and praythat they find the strength and courage to face this grim situation. SwamiTejomayananda

For the time being, marks of identification, such as Hindu ladies wearing abindi on their forehead should be worn by Hindus to protect themselvesagainst misdirected hate crimes. Mr. C.B. Satpathy, devotee of Shirdi SaiBaba

At this juncture our only bounden Duty is to identify our prayerful heartswith the innocent, harmless and helpless victims and their beloved ones, ourtearful eyes and the bleeding hearts of the relatives and friends havealready touched the Compassion-Feet of our Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme. Heis with His Infinity1s Compassion-Affection-Love-Sweetness-Fondness takingcare of His supremely chosen children who have recently arrived at HisHeaven-Home. May America the Beautiful forever shinebright-brighter-brightest in the Heart of God the Creator and God thecreation. Sri Chinmoy

My darling children: at this critical time, the leaders and we need topractice discrimination and self-restraint. If we do not do so, many morelives will be lost. We should all sit down and pray for the welfare andpeace of the whole world. This is how we can help all of our brothers andsisters. Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi)

There are two possible responses to what has occurred. The first comes fromlove, the second from fear. If we come from fear we may panic and dothings