The Founding Faith Archive gathers the most interesting or important documents about the Founders’ religious beliefs and the birth of religious freedom.
In terms of the Founders, the archive reflects the emphasis of my book, which focused on George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.
As you look through the archive, click on the “Related Topics” links and you’ll find other documents related to the ones you’ve just read. If you’re searching for a particular phrase, go to the main page of the Founding Faith Archive and use the special Google search of the archive.
Though there are hundreds of documents in the archive, it is a work in progress. Please email me here, if you would like to suggest the addition of other documents, or if you have questions about or criticisms of my interpretations of these documents.
Though this is the first time all of these documents have been brought together online under one “roof,” many of them have been digitized previously and put online by librarians and scholars in different parts of the country and the web. I thank them for their pioneering work in bringing these documents to the public. In most cases, I cite their work in the “source” field at the bottom of the document.
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Steven Waldman
Editor-in-Chief, Beliefnet
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