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social media, bad news, and hate

Date: 03/28/2016

[caption id="attachment_11372" align="aligncenter" width="251"] via commons.wikimedia[/caption] I have a love-hate relationship with social media these days. One year I gave it up for Lent, and I should have just kept driving in that direction. It's a time sink of the worst order -- a veritable black hole. Not to mention how it saps energy! (And creativity...) That's the bad news. The love ...

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Holy Week and Palm Sunday

Date: 03/21/2016

The passion play that is Holy week is truly an amazing reminder of God’s love for us. Jesus reveals to us in the course of one week the vicissitudes of human experience. We are told that on Palm Sunday, he returned to Jerusalem as a king. After having experienced complete abnegation through the sacrifice of Lent, he successfully resisted the Last Temptation of Christ. We know that he was hung ...

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Suffering Christians in Nigeria

Date: 03/17/2016

Roman Catholics throughout the world are in the midst of the season of Lent. Lent occurs over the six weeks stretching between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. It is recognized by Catholics as a season of renewal, a time for Christians to repent of their sins and draw nearer to God. And while prayer is essential to renewing one’s relationship with one’s Creator, Sustainer, and Savior, unless pr ...

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Chronic Illness: The Honor of Lent

Date: 02/22/2016

Living with a chronic illness is one of the most profound ways to walk closely with Jesus Christ. During Lent, when we contemplate our lives and this season of turning back to the Lord, it is fitting to think of the pain and other health challenges we endure as further proof of the honor we have to live as we do. Those who do not bear this burden might look upon us with pity, think we are "out ...

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Just How Much Divorce Demands We Part With

Date: 03/01/2016

I pull the dresser drawer and dump the contents onto the floor. I pull another drawer and dump and another and another. I stare at the pile of clothing and assorted things. I am on the umpteenth purge of my old life. Only I have forgotten what this old dresser holds. It is a gorgeous mahogany dresser. It is one of the very first things that we purchase as a married couple. A four poster rice ...

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Power in the Presence of God

Date: 02/19/2016

The power in the presence of God is immeasurable, because nothing exists apart from it...

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Lent and Food: Giving Up, Adding On

Date: 02/11/2016

[caption id="attachment_1770" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image courtesy of Marcus/FreeDigitalPhotos.net[/caption] I do not know anyone who does not like to eat. And, along with the physical activity of chowing down, we all have our favorite foods.  During Lent, some will give up a favorite or two, as a way of sacrificing something to draw deeper into the season. A priest once encouraged m ...

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On This Ash Wednesday

Date: 02/10/2016

[caption id="attachment_1614" align="alignleft" width="198"] Image courtesy of SiraAnamwong/FreeDigitalPhotos.net[/caption] Lent begins again, so quickly! Seems like we just celebrated Christmas, with all the joy and light, and are now abruptly throwing that off for something much more somber. At time of atonement, soul-searching, and personal, spiritual cleansing. But do we truly need to fo ...

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