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Here are some things that we need to be careful not to reduce Christianity to.  read more »
Many of Satan’s appealing lies just never go away. They just remove the robe and put on a suit. Here are four we are battling... read more »
In his book, Domestic Violence: What Every Pastor Needs To Know, Reverend Al Miles challenges the church to honestly appraise... read more »
Is Jesus the only way? These Bible verses say so. read more »

  • O everlasting God, let the light of Thine eternity now fall upon my passing days.
    O holy God, let the light of thy perfect righteousness fall upon my sinful ways…

    The Sanctuary
  • When they're disappointed that You haven't answered their prayers or haven't seemed to make any move to change things yet, forgive their impatience.

    "Prayers for the Moment: One-Minute Scripture Prayers" Copyright September 2006. Reprinted with permission of B&H Publishing Group

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Shakyamuni Buddha said, "Judge not others; judge only yourself." What appear to be faults in others may actually be reflections of our own emotional afflictions. end quote
-Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, in Advice From A Spiritual Friend
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