What are some of the unique challenges that you face with all of the technology that is available?

Well, keeping up with the technology. That’s very, very important to us. I happen to be very blessed in having a fantastic chief technology officer and he has a group of people working for him who are multi-talented. As we are speaking now technology is changing, we have to keep up with all of those technologies. The important thing is I have the content. I’m literally marrying the content with the technology. Every day there are thousands and thousands of hours of movies and music and all kinds of material that we will be looking to put on our platform and that is just a continuous process. We have a technology that provides a very friendly way for the consumer can find exactly what he wants, when he wants, and where he wants it. One of the challenges that we have is making sure that everything fits into that family genre.

How close is Truli coming to becoming what your ultimate vision is?

My ultimate vision really is to provide a conduit between the user and the Christian world. That’s just going to keep growing because I’m a distributor, and that’s how I’ve made my success all my life is in distribution. So essentially I am distributing what I feel is family and faith-based content to the billion of Evangelicals all around the world in many different languages. What could be better? It’s a win-win disputation for everybody. I feel extremely confident that we will have, within a twelve-month period, content in 4, 5, or 6 different languages.

Why do you think it is growing so quickly?

I think we’re providing something that is needed, and I think the response from the people that have already been exposed to Truli is so positive that everybody is telling their friends and family “hey log on to this new platform called truli.net, I think you’ll like it.” And that’s what’s happening.

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