List 3: Areas of public visibility or recognition

WHICH ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE RESTRICTED TO MEN? (listed in order of greatest to least public visibility or recognition in a local congregation)PUBLIC RECOGNITION THAT SHOULD BE RESTRICTED TO MEN:
1. Ordination as pastor (member of the clergy) in a denomination

2. Being licensed to perform some ministerial functions within a denomination
3. Paid member of pastoral staff (such as youth worker, music director, counselor, Christian education director)
4. Paid member of administrative church staff (church secretary or treasurer, for example)
5. Performing a baptism (in churches where this is not exclusively the role of clergy or elders)

6. Helping to serve the Lord’s Supper (in churches where this is not exclusively the role of clergy or elders)
7. Giving announcements at the Sunday morning service
8. Taking the offering
9. Public reading of Scripture
10. Public prayer
11. Prophesying in public (according to 1 Corinthians 1:5 and 14:29, where this is not understood as having authority equal to Scripture or Bible reaching)
12. Singing a solo on Sunday mornings
13. Giving a personal testimony in church
14. Giving a prayer request in church
15. Being a member of a prayer team that prays for people individually after the service
16. Welcoming people at the door (a greeter)
17. Editing the church newsletter
18. Singing in the choir
19. Singing of hymns with the congregation on Sunday morning
20. Participating in the responsive reading of Scripture on Sunday morning

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