Rod Parsley, World Harvest Church
For several years, Rod Parsley has been pastor of World Harvest Church in Ohio and the host of "Breakthrough," a popular Charismatic television program. More recently, Parsley’s influence has been felt in American politics. His leadership at organizations such as the Center for Moral Clarity is said to have helped the Republican Party win the pivotal state of Ohio in the 2004 presidential election.

Oral Roberts, Oral Roberts University
One of the most well known revivalists in the second half of the twentieth century, Oral Roberts’ influence once rivaled that of Billy Graham. His university generated widespread acclaim when it was chartered in 1965. Though the focus of a brief financial scandal in the late 1980s, Roberts and his ministry recovered. He continues to preach to thousands each year and his legacy is felt throughout Pentecostalism.

Richard Roberts, Oral Roberts University

As a self-described prodigal, the son of Oral Roberts was an unlikely heir to his father’s throne. Today, Richard Roberts is president of Oral Roberts University and the host of “Something Good Tonight,” a nightly television program that features faith healing and prophecy.

Al Sharpton
Licensed as a minister at age ten, Al Sharpton has been a Pentecostal preacher all his life. Though he has never held political office, Sharpton is an active political organizer who has conducted widely publicized campaigns for the seats of mayor, senator, and president. He has stated his intention to campaign again for President of the United States in 2008.

Stephen Strang
Stephen Strang’s media conglomerate, Strang Communications, publishes the flagship magazine of Pentecostalism, Charisma, in addition to several other Christian titles. The company’s book division publishes dozens of the most popular Pentecostal speakers, pastors, and ministry leaders.

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