Jesus and Paul - Paul and the Jews

Paul and Judaism

"A Committed, Well-Intentioned Jew"
Paul thinks of himself as a Jew, and never denigrates Jewishness. Rather, he invites Jews and Gentiles to create a new family. By Pamela Eisenbaum

No Nice Jewish Boy
In seeking to turn Jews away from their traditional relationship with God, Paul decisively left the path of Judaism. By David Klinghoffer

Paul Never Cancelled the Covenant
Paul didn't teach that Judaism was invalid, or that Christian belief had superceded it. By Brad Young

"Paul is a tortured and conflicting figure for me. On the one hand, I can congratulate him in helping to birth the Church. On the other hand, I just wish I could take him, shake him, and say, 'Do you realize you are setting up centuries of murderous hatred of your own Jewish community?'" —Presby

" Paul viewed the Law as the eternal covenant between God and Israel that would always remain."—kwinters
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"The Mad, Dostoyevskian Mind of Paul"
In Paul's worldview, demonic powers were at work. Simply keeping the Jewish law wasn't enough to combat them. By A.N. Wilson



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