This seems to be your theme lately--you call it the way you see it with Islam.

I think so. I see what Islam has done. I see what it's doing today to Christians. I see what it's doing around the world, the persecution, the slaughter, 2 million people in the Sudan--and they've done this in the name of Islam. Afghanistan-Taliban-students of Islam, that's what Taliban means. And we've seen Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry, those two girls held [in Afghanistan]. They had a CD-Rom and they were showing the Jesus film to a family. And the Taliban were discussing whether they should execute the girls or not. They came very close to losing their lives.

What do you pray for?

I pray for our nation, I pray for my family, and I pray for myself that I would be faithful to God in everything I do and everything I say.

When and how do you pray?

I pray throughout the day. I just talk to him, just like I talk to you now. I say, "God, I need your help right now." And many times in my life I have sensed God speaking to me, giving me an impression to do something or not to do something.

In what way do you think you would like to distinguish yourself most?

That has never been an issue of me trying to distinguish myself from my father or from you or from anybody else. The only thing I try to do in this life is what is pleasing to my Father in heaven and honoring him with my life.

I'm 50 years old. I've lived more than half my life already. When you think of your productive life-it's the next 20 years. And when you think of your life, it's just a vapor, it fades away. There's got to be something after this life. I believe there is eternity, and I believe God is on the throne of heaven. He has got a plan and he's got a purpose for me. Not just for this life but for eternity and for each one of us. So I'm not worried about what people think about me 100 years from now--I'm worried about what God is going to think about me for eternity. Is God going to say, "Good job, Franklin." What is a good job? If I'm faithful and obedient to his word. And try to live a life where you don't compromise. We live in a world where everyone is compromising themselves right into the grave. I think we should hold true to our faith and to our belief.

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