Many of Martin Luther King Jr.'s sermons and other papers are available online at the Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University

Rediscovering Lost Values, February 28, 1954

Death of Evil Upon the Seashore, May 17, 1956

Paul's Letter to American Christians, November 4, 1956

Role of the Church, April 25, 1957

The Ways of God in the Midst of Glaring Evil, January 13, 1957

The Birth of a New Nation, April 7, 1957

The Things That Are God's , October 27, 1957

Loving Your Enemies, November 17, 1957

Our God Is Able, 1963

A Knock at Midnight, 1963

The American Dream, July 4, 1965

Guidelines for a Constructive Church, June 5, 1966

The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life, April 9, 1967

Why Jesus Called a Man a Fool, August 27, 1967

The Drum Major Instinct, February 4, 1968

Unfulfilled Dreams, March 3, 1968

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