Saints Chart

Got a Problem? Pick a Saint.
Some Catholics pray to saints who are associated with diseases or other problems, asking those saints to intercede with God on their behalf. Though the people below lived in medieval or Roman times, and the facts of their lives are obscure, their legends live on.


Saint Patron Saint of Scene From the Life
St. Bibiana Hangover sufferers Fourth-century martyr; a garden over her grave grew herbs said to cure headaches
St. Blaise Those with throat ailments Saved child who was choking on a fish bone
St. Hubert Dog bite/rabies victims A keen sportsman (hence the hunting dogs), he once saw a vision of a crucifix between a stag's antlers and promptly converted
St. Isidore of Seville Computer and Internet problems Wrote a dictionary and encyclopedia
St. Joseph of Cupertino Air travellers; airplane pilots Would often levitate and float; trances and ecstasies caused public disturbances
St. Lucy Those whose eyes are jabbed out Tortured for not marrying a Roman; after her eyes were put out, legend says her sight was restored before her death
St. Monica Parents of disappointing/wayward children Prayed nonstop for conversion of her son, who shaped up after living a wild life (turned out to be none other than St. Augustine)
St. Patrick Snakebite victims Converted Ireland in 33 years; said to have driven all the snakes off the island